Friday, February 11, 2011

Orem Addition

Centurion Homes, your Utah General Contractor, made an Orem families vision a reality with this 1,000 square-foot two story addition.  With four active teenagers our clients wanted to create an environment that the kids and their friends would want to spend time in.  On the main level a 500 square-foot billiard room was added off the back of the house.  It was designed to flawlessly transition from the family room with wall to wall hand scraped hardwood floors and beautiful glass French doors.  The room was completed with surround sound, wall mounted flat screen TV, a pool table and walk out access to the new patio in the backyard - making this the perfect teen hangout.  It easily transitions into a beautiful adult space accommodating very large dinner parties and holiday celebrations.

In the basement, Centurion Homes created a dream 500 square-foot stadium style home theater.  The entire basement was carpeted to flow seamlessly into the new theater.  Custom cherry wood cabinets conceal TV components, movies, blankets, pillows and more.  Large overstuffed couches seat 17 people comfortably and wall sconces that dim add to the theater atmosphere.

Along the way our clients decided to have Centurion Homes do other needed repairs and upgrades.  We updated electrical systems throughout, added decorative crown molding, re-shingled the entire home, poured a 800 square-foot outdoor patio and finished off the yard with a new sprinkler system.  We were happy to accommodate our client's every request.  The final result is stunning and our clients couldn't be happier.

If you are thinking about building an addition to your home, consider hiring an experienced, qualified and reputable General Contractor.  Centurion Homes will provide you with numerous references and a detailed bid free of charge.  We pride ourselves on sticking to your budget and working hard to make your construction experience a good one.  Call us today at 801-722-5515.

Exterior {Before}

Digging the Foundation

Preparing for Concrete
Exterior {Almost Complete}
Completed Exterior

French Doors Leading into Addition
Welcome to the Billiard Room

Basement Addition
Comfortable Stadium Seating for 17!
Extra Large Screen & Custom Built-in Cabinets

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tile & Wood Floor

Centurion Homes completed a 1,000 square-foot two story addition in Orem. More about the project will follow in a later post. However, we wanted to share this unique and beautiful option for an entryway that transitions from wood to tile. Our clients wanted something special in the entryway that tied seamlessly into their new hardwood living room floor and set the tone for the new tile in the kitchen. As you can see the result is perfect. This technique can be used in a number of ways. If you are looking for that WOW factor in your home project, call Centurion Homes today.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Green" Home Construction

Centurion Homes of Utah is an environmentally conscientious General Contractor.  From mitigating waste and offering cost-effective efficiency/weatherization solutions, to offering a broad range of eco-friendly materials and high efficiency systems, we are always researching greener ways to build.  Especially, as many of our clients are also becoming more aware of the availability of green construction procedures as well as some of the pretty great rebate and tax credit incentives that are available.  Not only do we install many different energy efficient home heating/cooling systems but we also offer a wide array of window, door, and insulation packages to make your home its absolute most comfortable.  We are experienced and can aid you in finding the right products for your home.  We have used reclaimed and salvaged products that look beautiful and are long lasting.  Centurion Homes works hard to operate each job-site in a resourceful and responsible manner.  If you are interested in integrating earth friendly materials into your next construction project, give Centurion Homes a call.  We would be happy to accommodate your every request and you may be surprised to find just how affordable making your home more efficient can be with all the rebates and tax credits available.

An interesting article regarding green construction from the California Energy Commission notes the following:

Can I build with salvaged materials?

Products such as doors, cabinets, glass, and metal can be salvaged and reused. You can cut your costs significantly by using salvaged materials, and their quality is high.

Are my construction materials available from local sources?

Where possible, try to use local materials. That way you avoid excess transportation and environmental costs.

Am I using materials from renewable sources?

Renewable materials include wood, wool, plant fibers, and other resources that can be replaced within a few decades or less. Sustainable wood products are becoming more readily available.

Have I considered the long-term costs of my materials? Will my maintenance costs be high?

Even though a building product may initially cost more, it may be the least expensive alternative in the long run. Some materials, for example, need to be replaced regularly over time, while others are long lasting and maintenance-free. Paint that is twice as expensive but lasts four times as long may be a better buy in the long run. Make sure that you consider the life-cycle costs of your materials.