Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heber Valley Home

Centurion Homes was proud to be the Utah General Contractor on this beautiful one-of-a-kind 5,640 square foot home nestled in the Heber Valley.  This sprawling rambler was built all on one level with soaring 20 foot vaulted ceilings.  While excavating for this home three natural springs were uncovered 18-30 inches below ground level.  Because of the exactness required by the owner in the positioning of this estate home, building elsewhere on the 10 acres wasn't an option.  After consulting with soils and structural engineers we devised a way to make use of the unearthed challenge.  The result was a foundation built on top of a French style drain system bedded in 4.5 million pounds of rock & gravel graduating from 3-4 inches in size at the bottom to 1/2-3/4 inch at the top, compacted at each material size change.  The drain system now flows 7-10 gallons of water per minute to a pump location.  It is then used to supply irrigation for the 4 acres of landscaping as well as the pond for 6 acres of pasture.  In the end we were able to use ingenuity to make use of an excellent natural resource, found right underground.

This home turned out beautifully and the setting cannot be beat, as it overlooks the Wasatch Back mountain range.  Centurion Homes was happy to become the general contractor on this project by referral. We aim to exceed the expectations of each and every one of our clients.  Our clients are so impressed with the way their project is handled and with the end result that they refer us to their family, friends and acquaintances.  A referral is the the highest compliment Centurion Homes can receive.  We would enjoy becoming your family's builder.  Call us today to discuss your next project big or small 801-722-5515.  We pledge to bring your project in on-time and on-budget.

Digging for the Foundation

Diverting Water From Underground Spring

4.5 Million Pounds of Rock & Gravel
5,640 Square Foot Foundation
Framing the House
Completed Exterior (Rear View)
Dining Room
Front Entry
Front Living Room
Master Bath

Backyard View

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Sugar House Remodel

Centurion Homes was selected to be the Utah General Contractor on this massive remodel project in Sugar House.  Unfortunately we don't have any "before" photos but to give you an idea of the scale of this project we nearly stripped it back to the studs and added about 1,000 square feet plus a detached garage.  We kept the integrity of the charming original architecture while adding square footage, comfortable living spaces and modern conveniences.

We were happy to add many "green" systems to this home including a water heater that pulls heat from the mechanical room to heat the water.  It is an extremely efficient system that can be turned off and on remotely via the internet.  Another "green" element we added was a cooling system with no duct work! Each room has a separate unit that can be controlled independently of the other units throughout the home.  Additionally we were able to use reclaimed doors that look beautiful and add a feeling of architectural history throughout the home.

Our clients were so impressed with the result they held an open house so that the neighborhood could see!

Centurion Homes would be honored to bid your next project whether it is big or small.  We pride ourselves on bringing every job in on-time and on-budget.  Please call Aaron for your free bid: 801-722-5515.

Renovated Kitchen

Kitchen Back Splash

Living Room (The Fireplace Was Moved From Opposing Wall

Master Bedroom

Master Bath with Custom Carpentry
Reclaimed Door and Knob

Custom Cabinetry in Mudroom 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real Estate Agent Advantage

Aaron of Centurion Homes is a licensed Real Estate Agent as well as a General Contractor.  What this offers our construction clients is a comparative market analysis of their home before they dive into a large construction project.  If you are thinking about an addition, remodel, renovation or a large construction project, Aaron will let you know if it makes sense to do so in Utah's real estate market.  Call Centurion Homes today for a free bid at 801-722-5515.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Q & A With Centurion Homes

Thanks for all the questions and comments on Centurion Homes Facebook Page.  Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments on this blog too.  The question below was posted and this is our response:

Q: Other than carpeting, is there any other type of flooring you can put on stairs?

A: You can put any flooring you like on stairs. As alternatives to carpet, Wood/Bullnose planks, tile, laminate, etc... will wear better and look nicer for much longer; but they can be slippery and will cost as much as replacing carpet three times. Not to mention they'd hurt like heck to fall on. Yes, I'm a klutz and have tumbled a set of stairs or two in my day. Dang sure glad they were carpet.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Basement Finish

As promised Centurion Homes, your Utah General Contractor, is posting pictures of the basement completion in Eagle Mountain.  Finishing this small basement added a living room complete with build-ins, a bathroom with a jetted tub and granite shower surround and a large spare bedroom.  The project went smoothly and turned out perfect.  Finishing your basement is an economic way of adding valuable square footage to your home.  Centurion Homes has finished numerous basements all over Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  If you are interested in a free bid to finish your basement, feel free to contact us.

Living Room


Jetted Tub & Granite Shower Surround


Spare Bedroom

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eagle Mountain Remodel

Centurion Homes was proud to be the Utah General Contractor on this beautiful remodel in Eagle Mountain.  Our clients purchased this home brand new from a builder who had built it as a model home. It was filled with plain finishes and bland appeal.  Rather than moving, our clients decided to make this house everything they wanted.  I think you will agree that Centurion Homes was able to turn this "Plain Jane" house into a gorgeous home.  In many rooms the remodel involved a simple coat of paint and new counter top.  In other areas the renovations were more extensive.  If you are thinking of moving call Centurion Homes first and see if we can create your dream house without packing a single box.  Renovating may be more affordable than you think!

This house was purchased with and unfinished basement.  Centurion Homes was hired to come back and finish the basement as well.  Finishing your basement can add valuable square footage at a reasonable price.  *The basement pictures will be shown in a separate post.      

Exterior [Before]

Exterior [After]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [After]

Master Bath [Before]

Master Bath [After]

Bath [Before]

Bath [After]

Living/Dining Room [Before]

Living/Dining Room [After]

Main Floor Bath [Before]

Main Floor Bath [After]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sugar House Remodel

Centurion Homes was selected to be the Utah General Contractor on this massive remodel in Sugar House.  The  home owners loved their neighborhood and charming little house but needed more space for their growing family.  They decided to expand and renovate their home rather than move.  Centurion Homes was challenged to keep the quaint architecture and curb appeal, while expanding the size of the home.  It was a huge success!

We expanded the home on the back side adding square footage to the main level and basement.  We were able to keep the character of the home while adding all the modern conveniences.  Our clients were so pleased with the result and the way Centurion Homes handled each step of the project that they have referred us to several of their friends.  Gaining a referral is the best compliment Centurion Homes can receive.

If you are on the fence about starting your home project because you are leery of General Contractors, we would be happy to put you in touch with our past customers.  We are confident they will all give us a glowing review.

Exterior [Before]

Exterior [After]

Digging the Hole [Before]

Pouring the Foundation [During]

Completed Addition [After]

Completed Deck [After]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [After]

Living Room/Dining Room [Before]

Living Room/Dining Room [After]

Living Room [After]

Den [After]