Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sugarhouse Addition & Renovation

Centurion Homes completed this addition in Sugarhouse, Utah and as the General Contractor we are extremely proud of the way it turned out.  One of the challenges with adding onto the back side of this home was the inability to access the backyard from behind the home.  All equipment had to enter via the narrow front driveway which was obstructed by a metal carport attached to the home.  It was a tight fit and of course the existing structure had to be removed in order to make way for the track hoe.

While in the process of digging the hole for the foundation we unearthed another surprising challange, the existing foundation had been poured many years ago without any forms on the exterior.  It had likely been hand dug from the interior sometime after the original completion of the home.  Then had concrete poured between the dirt and an interior form.  This created a drastic unevenness on the exterior side of the foundation as well as a 14" thick wall instead of the typical 8" width. To overcome this Centurion extended the new foundation walls an additional six inches to compensate for the discrepancy without giving up precious square footage.

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Exterior [Before]

Exterior [After]

Digging a Hole for the New Foundation - in a Tight Spot!

Foundation Walls

Addition Nearly 1000 Square Feet

New Garage [During Construction]

Garage [After...but Before the New Driveway]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [During Construction - After Addition & Removing a Wall]

Kitchen [After]

Fireplace Demo Living Room

Living Room with Custom Bookshelves & Fireplace [After]

Basement Hallway [After Addition]
Basement Addition [After]